2017 Ford Bronco Specs Review

Ford Bronco is a multi purpose vehicle that is very popular. Based on the type, it belongs to SUV. In fact, today SUV becomes one of the most popular cars in the world. That is why people prefer buying SUV to other types of car. Besides the multi purposed use, SUV is also very strong not only for the body but also the performance. Now, we will be able to enjoy 2017 Ford Bronco soon because it is going to be released in this year. So, it will be better to pay attention to the following review.

2017 Ford Exterior and Interior Designs

Let’s talk about the design first. Starts from the exterior this car is modernized that looks more muscular. The changes can be seen from the front where it applies LED stripes and headlights that look much better than the previous version. Besides that, Ford Bronco changes also include the taillights as well as the bumpers that make it more attractive. The big wheels and tires make this Ford Bronco new able to pass any filed of road. Anyway, the exterior design is really satisfying.

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For the interior, this car feels much more comfortable. Besides that, the cabin can hold 5 people and even has spacious room. There are so many high standard features that include the comfort features, entertainment features, infotainment systems, and also safety features. It can be said that everything is updated. Therefore, 2017 Bronco is recommended so much especially for those who are interested in a great and powerful SUV. This new SUV will be able to meet your need.

2017 Ford Bronco Engine and Specs

If you are interested in this SUV, you have to know the engine first. This car is powered by 4.7 liter engine and 6 cylinders for the base model where it is able to generate up to 333 horsepower as well as 647 pounds feet of torque. Besides that, 2017 Ford SUV also offers 5.0 liter and 8 cylinder engine that can provide 423 horsepower. There is one more option for the engine. It is 5.8 liter and 8 cylinder engine that can deliver up to 665 horsepower as well as 635 pounds feet of torque. So, after Ford Bronco for sale is available, you should not be doubt to buy this SUV.

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The engine of Ford Bronco 2017 base model is paired with 6 speed auto transmission. It is similar to the middle engine that is paired with 6 speed auto transmission, too. For the highest engine, it offers different transmission where it uses 6 speed manual transmissions. All transmissions are very good and can produce powerful performance.

2017 Ford Bronco Release Data and Prices

If you want to buy this new SUV, you have to be patient because it may be released a few months later soon. However, you have to prepare the money first. For the base model, Ford Bronco is priced for about $ 29,000 whereas the highest model can be much more expensive up to $ 47,000.

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