2017 Ford Fiesta Redesign, Performance And Release Date

Ford is one of the greatest auto manufacture in the world, which will deliver some great products to pleasant their customers around the world. Ford always try to product the well product with the higher technology to renew the sense of journey. One of the well product, which will come to the new market, is Ford fiesta. This car includes in sedan style, which will be nice car to cover your daily needed. The new 2017 Ford Fiesta comes with combination of look and special performance. Look some details of it below.

2017 Ford Fiesta Redesign

New car comes with some significant changes in its exterior. The exterior delivers the new look with its beautiful detail. The body of 2017 Ford comes with combination of carbon and aluminum in its body to decrease the weight of the car. Some colors of body are available with metallic and stylish look. In other hand, Ford fiesta gets some significant changes in its front rear. The bigger and sharper headlight occur with the LED technology for brighter light. The bumper comes with new detail and old logo of Ford for classical sense.

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2017 Ford Fiesta Interior Look

The Ford fiesta 2017 interior is special with the detail features, which will renew the sense of your journey. There are two row seats inside the car and the maximal capacity of it is five passengers. The 2017 Ford is nice with the futuristic detail. The interior accepts the contemporary style and it has calm colors in its feature. Each seat is nice with high-quality leather cover it. Each seat also gets new safety belt and headrest for higher comfortable sense. A significant change occurs in its dashboard by the occurring of LCD touchscreen that shows some entertainment tools. A new GPS with better result, new handle and other features lay inside Ford fiesta to increase the sense of driving.

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2017 Ford Fiesta Performance

The 2017 Ford fiesta sedan comes with 1.6L V4 base engine. It is one of the special engine detail for sedan and the engine is able to deliver up to 120 horsepower @6350rpm. The base type of engine is gas with double overhead cam (DOHC) in cam type. What make the engine of 2017 Ford special is the combination of 16 valve and variable valve timing. However, we still collect more information whether Ford fiesta will come with other engine details.

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2017 Ford Fiesta Price And Release Date

Seeing the detail of 2017 fiesta as above, we can see that this sedan could be one of the special choice, especially for people who want to have new sense in their journey. The 2017 Ford combines some new features and new look to pleasant their customers. Based on some issues, the new 2017 fiesta will come to the market in the first quarter of 2017. Then, US is predicted as the first place of the release. The manufacture says that the base engine of this car is around $14,630. It is one of the cheap sedan with great performance in features. However, the price of Ford fiesta could be different based on some factors.

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