2017 Ford GT Specs

There are so many cars that have high performance. In this case, super car leads the level. One of the newest super cars available in the market today is 2017 Ford GT. After succeed with the previous version, Ford launches this new version. Of course, it offers many changes that improve the old version. So, what changes are applied on this sport car? To know more detailed about the specs, you need to pay attention to the following discussion in this article below.

2017 Ford GT Exterior Changes

Starts from the exterior, you can see some changes. 2017 GT comes with aerodynamic design that makes it very amazing. Besides that, you can also see the entire chassis that looks very attractive. For the front body, it looks like Ford GT40. And there are some other parts that are updated, too. For the wheels, it comes with 20 inch multi spoke wheels that are wrapped in two advanced tires. It is also equipped with sophisticated brake at all 4 corners. Overall, the exterior design is satisfying.

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2017 Ford GT Interior Changes

You can see that this sport car has sub frames that are made of aluminum for both front & rear so that it optimizes the performance because of the light weight. Then, Ford GT interior also offers a digital gauge cluster that comes with touch screen display. In addition, it also applies advanced infotainment system. The steering wheel is not only comfortable but also attractive. And you can also enjoy some other features that include comfort, entertainment, infotainment and safety features in Ford GT.

2017 Ford GT Engine Review

If you want to know the performance of 2017 GT, you need to pay attention to the engine used. This super car is powered by the next generation of twin turbocharged 3.5 liter EcoBoost and V6 engine. This engine is very powerful that can produce up to 620 horsepower. This engine reminds us to 2017 Ford Raptor that uses the same engine. For the torque it offers more than 500 pounds feet of torque. It is paired with 7 speeds of dual clutch auto transmission. So, the performance is undoubted.

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2017 Ford Speed Performance

Still related to the performance, you need to know that 2017 Ford GT 0-60 only needs about 3.2 seconds. 2017 Ford is amazing speed far as I know. How about the top speed? It can run up to 201 miles per hour for the maximum speed. Some people expect to hybrid components, kinetic energy recovery systems, electric boost functions, etc but you can expect it for the future version.

2017 Ford Release Date and Price

Now, this car has been released but I do not know whether it has been available in your country or not. So, you can go to the nearest dealer and order this new sport car soon. In relation to the money you need to prepare, Ford GT cost is around $ 400,000. It can be lower or higher depending on where you buy it. Hopefully this will be a good reference for those who want to buy 2017 Ford GT.

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