2017 Ford Mustang Cobra Full Specifications

Year by year, sport car becomes increasingly more and more popular. That is why the productions of sport car are also increased. In this year, we can see so many sport cars available in the market. One of the newest options is 2017 Ford Mustang. It has various models. What we will discuss in this article is on that comes with cobra model. It looks very outstanding with this model. For more detailed about it, let’s see the following review below.

2017 Ford Mustang Designs

Starts from the design, you have to know that it comes in different designs. The first is 2017 Ford Mustang coupe. Even though sport car, there are also many people who are interested in coupe model. However, 2017 Ford Mustang convertible is still more popular. It allows the buyers to detach the roof or not depending on the desire. This new car also offers many changes. It comes with slim tires & hood pines that have the common race car features. Besides, it also applies wheelie bar that offers 2 colors: Deep Impact Blue & Oxford White.

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Still related to the design, this car also has good interior. As a race car, it does not only offer you comfort but also other features. The features applied include safety features, entertainment features, infotainment features, and other important features. Then, it also has interior that looks very luxurious where everyone will be amazed to see it. Everything is updated so that overall the design of Ford Mustang is satisfying on both exterior and interior.

2017 Ford Mustang Engine

This car is very powerful because it uses 5.0 liter and V8 engine. 2017 Mustang engine comes with Whipple supercharger that is able to generate up to 710 horsepower. However, 2017 Ford Mustang V6 is also available so that you can choose one of them based on your desire. Considering the power, you can expect that the future version will come with higher power up to 1,000 horsepower. Of course, other specs should also be increased.

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Still related to the engine, Mustang affects the other performances of this racing car. With that powerful engine, it can hit from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 8 seconds only. It is much better than Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT. With that speed, you can expect high for the top speed. Unfortunately, the top speed is not announced. Anyway, you do not need to worry about its performance including the speed because they will not disappoint the buyers.

2017 Ford Mustang Release Date and Prices

This sport car has been released in this year. So, you can order it now if it has been available in your country. Because there are some models available, so that prices are also different from one model to another. The base model is priced for about $ 104,000. It sounds expensive but this price is reasonable considering the specs of 2017 Ford above. So, are you really interested in it?

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