2018 Ford C-Max Rumors

If you have to buy car from 2018 line up, which one would you like to choose? Indeed, there are many of them that you can always pick as you wish. However, you can’t be careless when you make your choice. If you want some recommendation, we would like to suggest you with Ford Thunderbird. This car is categorized in personal luxury car class. It is popular and worth to consider.

Exterior Redesign of the 2018 Ford Thunderbird

There is much you can expect from this new Ford Thunderbird. It is rumored to come with unique vintage look on. However, its construction will be redesigned on contemporary platform to promote better performance. Even lightweight materials are used in it to reduce the weight and increase gas economy as well. The Thunderbird front lights get aluminum finish and it will also come with new things, like timeless taillight weight, fog lights, 18-inch alloy tire, round rear area looking glass, etc.

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Interior Design of 2018 Ford Thunderbird

While contemporary design is used in its exterior, the interior might use conventional one instead. New and modern attributes as well as top quality materials are used in the cabin. You can expect more than what you might get in 2017 Ford Thunderbird. Black natural leather is used to wrap the top and back row, leading tire rim, dashboard area, and directing handle. You will also get azure dashboard panel with eco-friendly look. High technology systems also present in it.

Engine from 2018 Ford Thunderbird

This model of 2018 Ford seems to be going to offer us greater performance. When it comes to it, you must have known that you can expect some good engine under its hood. Well, why not? In it, it is said that there might just be Aj-35 V8 VVT engine to get you the performance you need. Working with 6-speed manual transmission, it generates around 286 pounds of torque and 280 horsepower. This is high enough power to run the car on the road.

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2018 Ford Thunderbird Release Date

Will Ford bring back the Thunderbird? Yes, it certainly will and all you need to do is to wait for it to be released. Speaking about it, being included in 2018 car line up, it does not necessarily mean that the car would be released in that year. However, there are some cars that are really released during the time. This car model is one example of it. It is speculated to release in 2018, around the second half to be exact. So, you have to wait a bit longer for it to come around.

2018 Ford Thunderbird Base Price

Since its speculated released date is still far away in the future, there has been no information yet about its exact base price. Well, of course we can only speculate at this point. Judging from what we might get from this car above, the price might just start from $38,500. Isn’t it good if it really is the case? 2018 Thunderbird is rather affordable despite it being luxury car if it really is priced so.

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