2018 Ford Expedition Expectation, Performance And Release Date

Seeing a new product form Ford is one of an interesting thing to do. We all know that Ford is one of the best car manufacture in the world and they never stop creating a great product to pleasant their customers. Here, one of the well product from the manufacture, which will be released soon, is 2018 expedition. This car is nice because it includes in SUV car, which could cover the member of families during the long journey. What make the Ford expedition special is the combination of its look and new performance. Here, we will deliver some matters about 2018 Ford expedition diesel as the reasons why you need to choose it.

2018 Ford expedition exterior concept

The exterior of the 2018 Ford is nice with the chrome looks. The chrome detail shows a more modern design of car body. Inside the body, the manufacture is predicted using the combination of carbon and aluminum to build it. The combination of it provides a stylish look of car concept and it will decrease the weight of the car significantly. Ford prepares some colors of Ford expedition but we think that the chrome will be the first color to be released. The significant changes occur in its front. The front car is nice with the new concept of headlights. The headlights now get better look with its sharper shape and bigger size. In other hand, headlight of 2018 expedition gets LED technology for brighter lighting. It still applies the big wheels with 17 inches in size to keep the stability.

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2018 Ford expedition interior look

We try to collect some information about the interior of 2018 expedition but we get nothing. Ford still keeps the information of it secretly. However, we predict that 2018 Ford expedition interior will come with modern design. As the previous design, Ford expedition will come with three row seats inside the car and the maximal passengers of it is seven people. We are sure that it will be nice place to cover family members. Seats are great with the use of high-quality leather as its cover and there are new safety belt and headrest to increase the sense of journey. About the dashboard of the 2018 expedition, we assume that it will have LCD display to show the modern features of it. The features of interior are also predicted will come with newest detail.

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2018 Ford expedition engine specs

Our prediction about the engine specs is that 2018 Ford will come with 3.5L V6 turbo-charged engine in its base type. The engine is nice for SUV and it is predicted will deliver up to 375 horsepower. The Eco-boost technology will be applied to increase the acceleration and it will come with lower pollution. We still have no exact information whether expedition will come with some engine variations.

2018 Ford expedition price and release date

We still have no official information about the price of Ford expedition. However, we predict that the base price of 2018 expedition diesel is around $45,000. Then, our assumption about the release date of it is in the end of this year. Prepare yourself and get the new information to know its details.

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