2018 Ford Focus: Best Driving Experience

Released back at 2010, 2018 Ford focus is current generation which is around for longer time than usual. But, in order to alleviate the problems, the company releases the couple of larger updates since then and they also begin for offering high performance version. However, because several of the rivals get redesigned, the company starts to work on this type, the car that is under wrap currently.

Although the company doesn’t say anything official about this future Ford focus 2018, the test mules are spied testing awhile ago and its details are a plenty more interesting that you probably expect. Probably, this car will be longer and wider than its current generation. It is because the test mules clearly use the elongated bodies of older version considering that the windows do not really fit it right and its wheelbases seem for being slightly longer. There will be increases in sizes mean that the interior of this 2018 Focus would likely offer a plenty more room than the previous model. Its luggage spaces would be improved also. These must make the car even better deal than the previous model and the new platforms would likely mean that the car would become much better to drive while being light with the uses of higher end material.

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2018 Ford focus specs

Like the others automaker mostly, this generation probably ditch all older naturally aspirated engines in favor of all turbocharged mills. It would allow for better fuel efficiencies and also more power slightly without having to sacrifice the others component. The base model of this Focus will likely to make the uses of really impressive 1 liter EcoBoost inline three engines that offer between 100 up to 140 horsepower and 150 lb ft of the torque. Higher in the ranges, there will be 1.5 liter EcoBoost inline four engines with 180 horsepower and about 200 lb ft of the torque which is also going for being made available.

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The whole models would get six-speed manual as standard with optional automatic. As these points, there is still no official information available related to the automatic system but many customers believe that Ford would go with upcoming 9-speed units. For 2018 Ford focus ST, it would likely get to use updated version of old 2 liter EcoBoost inline 4 engines with about 260 horsepower and over 260 lb ft of the torque. Its front wheel drive would be offered and the only choice and unlike RS version, the automatic would be available alongside 6-speed manuals.

2018 Ford focus exterior designs

Unluckily, 2018 Ford focus redesign concept is still well-guarded secret but considering on its latest model, this is unlikely that the car would stray too far from the rests. Many customers actually expect this Ford focus brows several designs found on Fiesta model with more aggressive touch on this new car. It must make for much better looking vehicle than before specifically since it would be bigger physically.

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2018 Ford focus interior designs

Its rather unusual interior of previous model is really likely going to be gone. This new car will get better materials and equipments but slightly dulls by means of interior looks. This move would allow 2018 Ford focus to make breach for new markets and new interiors would also mean that the car will definitely to be much better vehicle to sit in than the previous model.

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