2018 Ford GT Rumors, Performance And Release Date

Ford is famous as the one of the best car manufacture in the world. This nice manufacture never stops creating new product to pleasant their customers around the world. Here, one of the most wanted new product coming from Ford is Ford GT. This car is nice with the new concept in its design and specs under hood. In other hand, this speedy car also provides the better performance to increase the experience of driving. Here, we will talk about some details of 2018 GT below.

2018 Ford GT exterior

The smooth body comes to the new Ford GT. It does some significant changes and call the classical sense of 2006 Ford GT. Now, the body of the car is made from the collaboration of carbon and aluminum. The combination of those materials provide the lighter weight of car and metallic accent in its design. People will be happy when seeing the new design of 2018 Ford. The body has plain accent with grey as the one of predicted first color. Another significant change occurs in its front. Now, new Ford GT has sharper headlight with modern style and LED technology. The back car is shaped sharply with the LED taillight technology. The low concept of the car provides the great look. It will be very special choice of speedy and coupe car concept.

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2018 Ford GT interior rumors

The modern interior is predicted will come with some significant changes inside this car. It will deliver better look than the previous version. The interior of Ford GT is predicted will come with contemporary style. The cabin will be decorated modernly with clam color in its features. As the one of coupe car, 2018 GT has two modern seats, which are completed with the new headrest and safety belt. The cabin is simple and it is made from the aluminum. Big change occurs in its dashboard. The dashboard of 2018 GT gets some renewals with its new LCD display, better GPS, USB connectivity, Wi-Fi, and others. Entertainment tools inside 2018 Ford will renew the sense of journey.

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2018 Ford GT performance

The base engine of 2018 Ford is predicted 3.5L V6 engine. The Eco-boost will be applied as the new technology inside the engine to increase the acceleration, especially for those who want to get the speedy journey. Then, the engine below the hood gets better result than 2017 Ford GT 0-60. Now, 2018 GT is able to reach up to 600 horsepower and the acceleration in 0-60 is only 3.2 seconds! The engine is like the basic engine of Raptor. However, we still have no official information about the variation of engine specs.

2018 Ford GT price and release date

The model will get new price than 2017 Ford GT price. We assume that the price of it is around $100,000. Then, 2018 GT is predicted will be available in the market in the end of this year. The Ford GT will be one of the well competitor for other speedy cars.

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