2018 Ford GT500 Specs Engine

Many people, especially the young ones would put so much interest in owning sports car. Why not? Sports cars are one with high quality and performance after all. However, you will get a mountain of choices to choose that might confuse you. So, from 2018 line up, we suggest you to consider the Ford GT500. What this car model might have to offer will be revealed below. So, here we go then.

The Changes in Ford GT500 Exterior

Compared to its previous models, like Shelby GT500 2016 or 2017, GT500 sports car might just get various changes in all sorts of aspects, including its exterior. The most obvious change of it would be its futuristic appearance. Lightweight components will be used as well to get you more increased performance. You will get new rear and front lights, a pair of canon-size outlets for exhaust, and still many others. This car really is made to be new and different.

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The Design in Ford GT500 Interior

This upcoming Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 for sale we have here also comes with different design of interior. In its cabin, you can expect stylish design with the latest features as well as elements. There are things, like new digital gauge cluster for support, touch screen display with new color, navigation system, etc. Even it has complete safety features that include seat belts, air bags, rearview camera, parking assist sensors, and still many others left to tell.

The Engine Used Under the Hood

2018 GT500 is sports car, so it is only right for us to expect very high performance from it. For that reason, the engine that is used under the hood must be one that is capable of doing so. There is nothing to worry about it here in this car. This one is rumored to run with 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine that can produce 600 horsepower. It is regarded as one with better fuel efficiency as well as great acceleration in few seconds.

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The Release Date of Ford GT500

Yes, there has been no exact information yet about when this sports car will be released exactly. However, 2018 Ford has been said already that it will make its appearance in the Detroit Auto Show. So, we can say that its released date will be closer than we might think about it before. Although we can’t tell that much, this car is highly believed to come in 2017. It will come with competitive 2018 Shelby GT500 price as well to offer.

The Speculated Price of Ford GT500

As it was said before, this sports car is offered with competitive price. It is high quality car we are talking about here after all. Its pricing should be neither too high nor too low for its kind. If we have to say it though, the rumor says that the price might go around $230,000. It goes beyond simply expensive. However, this is what GT500 2018 is worth for after all. This is reasonable price for it.

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