2018 Ford Torino Rumors & News

Are you planning on buying new car soon in the future? If you are not that hurried to buy one, you should have just considered the ones from 2018 line-up. One of those worth to choose is 2018 Ford Torino. Well, since it is 2018 model, there is not yet any exact review about it. We can only speculate and talk about the rumors going around about it. Let’s see what is said about this model we have here.

2018 Ford Torino Exterior Plan

The rumored plan for the exterior of Torino is expected to have similar attribute with 2018 Torino mid-size family automobile last seen 4 decades ago. So, it might just look like 1960 models or even Ford Torino GT 1970 with trendy details on. That is why there is high possibility that this car model would come with retro style that has classic lines, while still being designed with full LED front and rear lights, 17-inch wheels, lighter components, etc.

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2018 Ford Torino Improved Interior

It is not like you will be getting classic-looking new car with classic-only features in. Its interior has been improved, you know. It is made to offer more convenience to you. From the dashboard, you can get LCD touch screen display, body front with wiper, lower front body with contemporary-looking tail, etc. At least, you get these improved things from this 2018 Torino here. That is why this car is worth to take into account from 2018 line-up.

2018 Ford Torino Possible Engines

We would say that you might just get more than one engine option to choose from this 2018 Torino. You can surely expect more than what you can expect from 2017 Ford Torino GT specs. First, there is 5.0 liter VCT V8 engine that can generate 435 horsepower to start things. Second, there is 5.2 liter V8 engine that can generate as much as 520 horsepower. Third, there is 3.5 liter twin turbo V6 engine that can produce 400 horsepower. You get amazing engines here.

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The Release Date of 2018 Torino

You see, we are talking about 2018 models here. You can’t expect for it to come so soon in the marketplace. However, it does not mean that they would only be released in 2018. For this model, you should be able to expect it and its trims, including Ford Torino GT for sale around the middle of 2017. With us being in the start of 2017, this model’s arrival should soon to come. Just wait for it and prepare for the money you will have to spend to buy it.

The Rumored Price of 2018 Torino

How much do you think this car is priced for? With those possible things you might get from this car, you should not expect it to be so cheap in its price. Torino is one that might even have stiff competition with sports coupes, like Dodge Challenger. So, many would say that the base price for it would go around $60,000. It is expensive, indeed, but you get what you deserve by paying that much.

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